As you may have noticed, I’m not posting on this blog anymore, and I will not be in the future. Sorry everyone :(

If you read this, know that I miss your caps

I miss them too and I’m sorry I just keep forgetting to make them I promise I WILL make some soon!

your alive!! :D I rape your archive any time there isn't enough Dexter on my dash :) LOVE your caps!!

Hehe thank you

I definitely need to get some more caps on, so sorry for the hiatus… 

i just have to say, i thought i was a huuuge dexter fan, buut, your blog proved to me that i'm not the only one... i LOVE the pictures youve been posting, keeep up the great work, and also, i have to ask, have you ever watched "Six Feet Under" it was a tv series from 2001-2005, and it stars michael c hall, as well. he plays a gay guy on that show, but hes just that good of an actor, he can totally pull it off. anyways, if you havent seen it, check it out!

Thank you! I feel a bit guilty though because I haven’t updated this blog in months.

And SFU is actually my favorite show! (besides Dexter of course)

I will definitely take requests, but I probably won’t be posting any regular caps for awhile…

Can you do Batista and LaGuerta caps from when they were together in season 4?

I’d love to!